Sales and earnings

Chain drug store volume: $238.31 billion
Change vs. 2009 +5.4%
Same-store sales increase: +2.6%
Chain drug share of total sales: 75.1%
Average volume per chain drug store: $7.7 million
Average chain drug sales per sq. ft.: $801
Chain drug net earnings: $3.34 billion
Chain net-to-sales ratio: 1.4%
Independent drug store volume: $79.0 billion
Change vs. 2009: +4.8%


Number of chain drug stores: 24,581
Net change in number for chain drug stores vs. 2009 +21 (+0.009%)
Chain drug share of total drug stores: 55.5%
Average chain drug store size (selling): 11,125 sq. ft.
Total number of square feet (selling): 273.5 million
Number of independent drug stores: 19,709
Net change in number of independent drug stores vs. 2009 -143 (-0.7%)

Source: Racher Press research.

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